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Monday, April 24, 2006

when i was child,
whenever i saw a pitcher along with its cups
i thought that the pitcher was the parent
and the cups were the children.

once there was a Pitcher
who hold contents that must be poured out to the cups
so much that He must be with the cups,
to be like the cups,
to be the same with the cups.

with His own will,
He became one with the cups.
He became as small as the cups,
but His contents for them
were as much as what He can hold
as a pitcher.
thus, the contents overflowed.
that the cups themselves
overflowed with the Pitcher's contents,
from the rim to underneath.

the Pitcher poured out
up to the last drop.
He never left even
a drop for His own.

He came back as a Pitcher,
and some cups recognized Him.
some cups wanted to fill Him back,
but the Pitcher told them that someday,
they would be lifted up to fill Him.

He told them that for now,
they have to continually fill each other
so the contents will continue to flow and overflow.
until the whole place will be full
and the contents will finally reach the Pitcher's rim.

some cups unfortunately
did not share the contents,
some even hoard them.
then some cups emptied the same way as the Pitcher,
but were never filled back.
the Pitcher was always ready to refill them
as long as they asked to be filled.

some cups were always full
and even overflowing,
thus they were able to fill those
that were emptied.

the Pitcher wanted
the cups to fill each other.
so that all cups may be full,
and continue to overflow each other.

until all of them will
drown and float and enjoy
with the Pitcher's contents
from the rim to underneath
from inside and out.

cups will reach the Pitcher's rim and
fill them
no one need to be filled any more
no one is empty.

evrything and every one is filled
with the contents that came from the Pitcher
at the very start.
the contents...

called love.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
hehe..Ghala as they define me

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Saturday, April 15, 2006
Semana Santa 2006

para sa mga taong walang sawang mag-tag jan sa gilid para magpaalala na kailangan ko ng magpost...salamat....miss ko na kayo...

hehe, finally, may internet na ulit ako dito sa bahay namin...

well i came to tell something about my Holy Week...
matapos naming lumipat lumayo na kami sa simbahan....
practically, mahirap ng mag aattend at pumunta ng simbahan...

for the first time this year, hindi kme nakapag retreat sa ULTRA..
oops, di dahil sa stigma ng stampede ha...
kundi dahil we thought na hindi namin makakasama si papa this Holy Week..
may assignment kasi sya sa Korea...fortunately hindi natuloy....

ayun, ano ba talaga gusto ko sabhin dito?
um, wala naman talaga..
gusto ko lang magkwento....

alam nyo ba nagWAY OF THE CROSS kme nung Maundy Thursday....
this is not just another way of the cross....
kasi ung stations we're distributed throughout Pasig...

ddnt get it?
mejo nilakad lang naman namin ang buong pasig...

feeling ko mas malayo pa un sa mga nilakad ng mga nag-aalay lakad that same night...

to get the idea how far it was....hmmmm......
bka exaggeration eh...
cguro ung track ng LRT2 twice....

wala lang...
di sya striking dahil soooobrang naging solemn or whatever...
its just that....

the idea is sacrifice...

di ko alam...

gusto ko lang ikwento...

im not bragging what i did...

cguro kse...
wala pa un sa hirap na ginawa ng isang lalaki ages ago..

flashes of scenes from the movie THE PASSION
favorite ko dun...

ung scourging...
ung flashback ni Inay nung nadapa minsan ung Kapatid natin...

wala lang...
gusto ko lang magkwento...

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